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Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. a renowned health services providing company, which opens the door and offers flavoring, enlightening and balanced combination of surgical / non surgical medical treatment services in India to the patients spread world around with recuperative holidays.Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading medical tourism company fully owned organized administered and promoted by Indian’s in cooperation with correlated components.

There are vast and varied range of medical treatments and procedures in medical world which Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. covers. They are carried out at JCI accredited and ISO certified Hospitals, which provides first world treatment with qualified medical consultants at third world price.
Any foot steps, forwarded towards Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. will get the complete treatment span of medical field, which includes:

All Heart related problems and with their permanent solutions including simple heart check-up to angiography, angioplasty, Bypass Surgery and many more.
• All Joint problems with bone deformity and spine problems, which include Knee / Hip replacement, Spine operation etc.

• Cancer treatment for all types Cancers.
• Kidney problems and Transplant.
• Day to day women problems like Hysterectomy to ovary problems.
• Gastro Intestinal problems.
• Eye care procedure like cataract to laser operation.
• Dental & tooth related problems.
• Cosmetic & Esthetic procedures.
• Complete Diagnostic & Investigational services.
• Traditional Ayurvedic treatment & promising homeopathic sectors.
• Meditation & Yoga.

Latest News:

Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. & YU Integrated Health is a global Health Care Management Consultant group that caters to every need of Health Care Organizations.
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Suggested Hospitals / Clinic :

Akshar Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is grateful for generous and Sincere support of many world class accredited multi specialty medical Institute of India and Gujarat who have with us associated.

Satyamev Hospital - Ahmedabad

Hands, Mind and Hearts behind your treatment:
Our medical consultants and surgeons are Nationally / Internationally recognized celebrities and experience giants of their fields, which covers a gamut of medical world as follow:

• Neurology • Orthopedic
• Plastic & Cosmetic • Dental
• ENT • Bone Marrow Treatment
• General Surgery • Nephrology & Urology
• Ophthalmology • Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Pediatrics • Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic
• Vascular Surgery • Assisted Reproduction
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